2012 Tour of the Battenkill

2012 Tour of the Battenkill


On Saturday April l14th several 1K2GO-Onion River Sports fueled by Metaball racers took part in the Tour of Battenkill. Battenkill is kind of like 1 part right of passage and 1 part kickoff to the 2012 local season of racing. The race is only 2.5hrs away from Burlington, VT and it features road much like what we have in our community.


Sounds easy enough right? Well no. It is important to note that when you enter a race like Battenkill you keep a postive philopshy on wehy you are there. We Race to Race. Yes we race to win but that is a by-produt of good, hard, clean racing. Battenkill offers all of that plus some challenging terrain. You can be fit, light, and have the best day of your life at Battenkill and one rock can end your chances of a 2-arm salute and/or leave you hitchhiking on the side of the road.


In the 30+ field elite Riders Bobby Bailey and Michael Rea took to the roads. Bobby attacked about 4 miles into the race getting a minute gap. He held that gap until mile 25 when he was joined by Steve Francisco and another rider. It was looking good as they were eventually joined by the winning group of about 10. The racing was hard and several attacks were being thrown down. Bobby was in good position but Battenkill struck at mile 50 something with a flat. After a very slow change, Bobby flatted the other wheel and it was game over. Great racing though. Michael suffered the same fate with a flat tire. Funny how flats never come when the field is riding easy huh?


Not the wheels BB started with on his Specialized Tarmac


1K2GO-Onion River Sports racers were also present in the 50+, 40+, Junior, and CAT 5 field. A highlight of racing came from Michael and Matthew Owens. Michael scored a 5th in the Junior Boys 13-14 field. Older brother Matthew scored a 7th in the CAT 5 field. It should be noted that this was the Mtn and CX Racers first ever road race. Word is, they are hooked. Great Job Boys!




Tour of the Battenkill does it right. Sure the racing and terrain is a bit over the top but so is their festival atmoshphere and that is a good thing! Team riders were seen eating bratwurts, chicken wraps, and the most amazing Maple Milkshakes after the race to replenish some of the 2500-3000 calories they burned. Stefan almost ate a Chihuahua until his mother showed up and bought him some lunch. Good times!


This dog was in a cookbook, who knew?

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