Get out and Time Trial!

Time Trialing is cool. Lets just start by saying that. If you do not agree, well then you are wrong. Simple as that and here is why.

Time Trial Bikes. No matter who you are, your eye is drawn to the complexity and sometimes oddity of a TT Bike. Bikes are pretty simple in that tehy are usually 2 triangles and 2 wheels. There are some fancy parts in between but for the untrained eye, a Dept Store bike is not much different that a Tour de France race bike. But TT bikes are different. They have fat tubing often drawn out into weird shapes. They have aggressive postures making them look like they are at motion even while standing still. The disc wheel is an instant eye-catcher as most non-racers are unable to grasp the concept of it.


Specialized SHIV TT Bike


Old School TT Bike. Eyecatcher?


OKAY – here is where I both contradict what I just said and support my topic simultaneously. Have you been to a local Time Trial Series lately? These are put on by USAC clubs across the nation. Not everyone is on a cool bike!  I have been to time trials and have experienced everything including tandems, hybrids, mountain bikes, CX bikes and so on. One thing remains the same….each rider is trying to pedal their bike as hard and fast as they can. Lungs are burning, and each rider is racing the clock to either win the race, beat the record, beat their PR, or just push themself in a way that is un-natural to most.


This leads me to another reason why TT’s are so cool. TT’s are where people volunteer to hurt themselves. They dig way deep into the pain cave and suffer for 10-60minutes. It is 100% you vs. you. Not a lot of people can stand up and say “I volunteer to flog myself for the next hour of my life so that when I am done my legs hurt and lungs scream.” Bike racers can. Plus you only have YOU to answer to. When the race is done, the only question left to ask is “did I do my best?” No matter how fast you went, the cool part is that you participated.


TT’s are the same from beginner to elite. What changes is the amount of effort you put into it. You can show up and race on your road bike or you can mortgage your home so that you can buy the latest and greatest speed available on the market. Either one you choose, I can gaurantee you this. You are welcome at the race. You are more likely to be respected by the guy in the swoopy helmet on the $10,000 bike just by showing up. We love the fact that you are wearing tennis shoes as long as you try. We hope that someday the cycling-bug infects you and you invest more time and money into it. We would love to see you push yourself to the limit on a 2 wheeled machine becase when it is all said and done, we all have that in common. Here are some resources to help you with your TT journey.


Anyone can TT!


GMBC Pres Kevin Bessett with his uphill TT setup



Crit Tips – Also Good for Time Trialing




GMBC TT Series

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