GMBC Practice Crit #2, Watertower Hill, 5/22/12

Finally the weather played along and we got the first of our Practice Crit races going.

First I would like thank Steve Gaydos, Mark White, Spencer Knapp, Bob Dillon, Chris Ford, Claude Raineault, Jim Strouse and Larry Coletti for their help in sweeping, setting up, registration, marshalling and officiating! Can’t do it without volunteers!

It actually was a very pleasant evening, with mid 70 temperatures and calm wind, right until around 7:45 when it got ugly pretty quickly.

We had 3 racers and 10 mentors for the C-race, which was won by junior Matt Owens in a solo breakaway and saw a hotly contested sprint for second.

I would like to thank our generous sponsors SKIRACK, ProGold Lubes,  METABALLVermont Nut Free Chocolates,  and Blindato Group which allowed us to have two prime sprints each in the B and A race, two deep.


Vermont Nut Free Chocolate Prime!


Specialized Sweatshirt Prime!

The B race had 9 starters. The field stayed together for most of the race, animated by fierce competition for the two prime sprints. It came down to the final sprint, and the uphill finish made it almost easy for the referee to get all 8 finishers in order.

The A race had 14 starters. Pretty quickly Bobby Bailey went on a solo break and stayed away for the rest of the race, eventually lapping the remnants of the field. This despite a high speed of the field which itself lapped a number of riders, what then made it challenging for our referee to keep track over the last few laps, especially since we had to watch the weather and made a decision to shorten the race. Behind Bobby we saw some nice sprint competition for the two field-only primes, and also for the finish. After all, the first three in B and A race won their entry fee back.

This first Practice Crits also counts as the first race for the new Green Mountain Criterium Series, which will run through the summer and includes events at Montpelier and Barre .

The next GMBC Practice Crit is scheduled for Tuesday June 5th. As always we are in need of volunteers, so if you could help for an hour or two, mark your calendars!

The PCrit will be followed the next day Wednesday June 6th by the first Thunder Road track race in Barre.

>>> C-Race Results (3 racers)

1.      Matthew Owens

2.      Pete Titcomb

3.      Chris Palombini


Time: 20 minutes

Laps: 20

Notes:  3 Racers and 10 Mentors! Solo breakaway win for the Junior.


 >>> B-Race Results (9 racers)

1.      Whitney Hanson

2.      Matt Salter

3.      Matthew Owens

4.      Tim Janson

5.      Jim Strouse

6.      Robert Dillon

7.      Pete Titcomb

8.      Jeff Coons


Time: 28 minutes

Laps: 26

Notes: 2 Primes hotly contested, nicely spread between 5 riders.




>>> A–Race Results (14 racers)

1.      Bobby Bailey

2.      Adam Germain

3.      Matt Buckley

4.      Ben Coleman

5.      Eric Tremble


Time: 28 minutes

Laps: 30, race shortened by threatening rain;

Notes: BB in overgeared display of power lapped the field; 2 Primes for the field left plenty to race for


A-Race, on the line


A-Race Action


Teddy Representing

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