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One thing I hate is when a bike squeeks. Some people just could care less but if I can detect even the smallest unwanted sound from my bike, I am going after it. People, it is just plain smart to take care of your bike. I have covered this in the past with posts on cleaning a bike but the short of it is this.

if you get up close and personal with your bike while cleaning it or repairing it, you might find something that will either cost you a win or some teeth in the future.


So I set out to rid my bike of its noisy bottom bracket. Ok, it was not that bad but we have been riding in the rain alot so I wanted to make sure my BB was good to go. The 1K2GO-Onion River Sports Cycling Team is lucky to be sponsored by ProGold Mfr, makers of ProGold Lube, EPX Grease and ProTowels. Here are some simple tips to follow when servicing a Bottom Bracket.




  • Know what kind you have. GXP? BB30, Presfit 30? The list goes on so make sure you have the right tools to do the work. 
  • Clean your bike before hand. It is so much nicer to work on a bike that has been at least wiped down. I use the ProGold ProTowels for just about everything in my garage. Worked wonders on the greasy bottom brakcet and the wall under my hose that tends to get moldy!
  • Use a Torque wrench. If you are going to do the work…do the work properly. You would hate to get to the end of this task only to over tighten a bolt to the point of failure. On a modern Carbon Bike…torque values should be heeded!

  • I use Tape on the outside of my external Chris King Bottom Bracket. This prevents the tool from scratching it up.
  • Too much Grease is better than too little here. I put grease on the frame threads, the cup threads and any exposed peice of metal. Just use a ProTowel to clean any grease exposed to dirt, sand and water. It will attract it.

Thats it. I like to rotate between headset and bottom bracket. If you stick to a schedule of maintenance, you can keep your bike like new with out a big time investment.




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