Star Studded Field at WaterTower Hill Crit, 6/5/12

Great night of racing at Watertower Hill. The title of this piece is very accurate and here is why. You have a practice crit right? It is designed for training and is super low key. The start finish line is a cone and the course has 1 real turn. There is no big prize list and no one is walking away with a pro contract from it. Entry Fee is a measly $10 and the prize is that you get your entry back if you end up on the podium(which there is not one).



But this is about what this race IS and who comes out to it. What we do offer is awesome racing. The A-Race is packed with fast riders like Jake Hollenbach and Matt Buckley. My team comes out swinging and every once in a while a PRO like Adam Carr or Isaac Howecome out to play. We race intensely for 40minutes and no punches are pulled. In fact, even though strong team are represented, it is every person for them self out there. Racing is from the gun and it never slows even if it rains.


Beyond that, there is a B-Race. Man this thing looks fast. It is packed full of racers and I know that some of them will be making the jump to A’s. Plus, there is a C-Race, and experienced A-Racers jump in to help teach safe and fun bike racing.



Tonight, I saw something cool. We had a crowd. More family, friends and fans are coming to these races to cheer on the cyclists. Its awesome. Maybe it is the reach of social media or the trash talk that leads up to the race. But either way, the energy is building and we can continue to get better from here.


Mid Race Primes are handed out and they come from local sponsors. Its a small gesture that add so much to the race. If you are reading, thank the likes of Specialized, Pro Gold Lube, Metaball, Blindato Group, Vermont Nut Free Chocolate and others for helping out. It makes our race great and provides exposure for them…its a win win! 



So Vermont, keep up the good work and keep striving to put VT at the forefront of the cycling map. Keep supporting each other, our local cycling business and every rider you see. There just might be a kid in a car or a sideline of a race that thinks you are the coolest thing in the world. And because you are a cyclist…you are.


Could the future of our sport be right here at Watertower Hill???

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