Lake Sunapee RR – Wmn Pro 1,2,3 by Team Racer Amy Miner

Lake Sunapee RR – Wmn Pro 1,2,3 by Team Racer Amy Miner

by 1K2GO-Onion River Sports on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 11:35pm ·

Lake Sunapee Race Report W P/1/2/3:


I had a goal going into the Lake Sunapee Road race for 2012…to be aggressive…and I kept to that goal. I did not let the race start out as most P/1/2/3 women’s races, meaning low speed with many attacks. I went off the front immediately after neutral, and drove a high speed continuing up the first climb hoping to drop a few racers, or to try to breakaway. I knew we had a strong field, even though it was small, but the pace I maintained only dropped a few. I continued to drive the pace for the first lap until the major climb on the back stretch when Yuri (Wheelworks) made a significant attack, and I tried to follow her wheel along with Kerrin (Farm Team Elite). Eventually we caught her, and the pace settled back down.


Going into the second lap I re-fueled and rehydrated. At this point Clara (NEBC) led the field, and I let her along Cycle Lodge, and I sat 3rd wheel for a majority of the second lap. My legs were shot, and I needed some recovery. The pace continued, but sitting back let me enjoy getting “pulled up” most of the rollers until the only climb on this circuit. I knew Yuri was going to make a move, so I was ready this time and along with Kerrin; we were sprinting up the hill together. At the top we realized we had broken away from the pack, so we tried to team together, but we could not maintain. Three other riders finally caught on, so we started a six person paceline. This continued a very strong group, for the final few miles, and the pack did not re-join. We continued this paceline until the circle going into the final climb. I followed Jackie (NEBC), Erin (KMS) and Yuri. I did not want to be in the lead going into the first climb before the finish. At the false flat Yuri started to sprint, and I followed going by her on the right. I knew these women were fast, so I put my head down, got out of the saddle, and put everything into this final sprint. I just beat out – by a photo finish – an amazing up & coming bike racer Erin Donohue from KMS


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