Wear a Helmet – by Team Racer/Director Bobby Bailey

Wear a Helmet – by Team Racer/Director Bobby Bailey

by 1K2GO-Onion River Sports on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 12:48am ·

Wear your helmet! We have heard it before. Mom has said, people on the list serve have harped over it and kids nowadays wear them for everything but eating dinner. I guess it is good advice. Now I am not one to self-righteously tell you that wearing your helmet is a must. I drive too fast, sometimes drive my scooter in flip flops and make my own choices in regards to personal safety but here are two things I am learning to live by.

1. Wear sunscreen 

2. Wear a helmet

The 1K2GO-Onion River Sports Cycling Team fueled by METABALL ventured to the Lake Sunapee Road Race. The course is actually pretty tame, but then again, it is bike racing. Team Racer Alberto Citarella was safe in the field after a long breakaway attempt on the first lap. Admittedly, I told Alberto to attack thinking that an early move would work but alas it did not and he came back. Alberto is new to Pro 1,2 Racing but he is very strong and was having no problems moving up and down the field. At the close of the first lap, Albert was mid pack when the unpredictable happened. Alberto was lead to the outside of the course rotary and then the field pinched in. Alberto was caught out and ended up T-boning a traffic cone. When I first heard of this I thought ouch, it would suck hit a little traffic cone and go down. IT WAS NOT a little cone. It was one of those big cones that stand about 4ft tall and are filled with god knows what. Alberto went Ass over Tea Kettle (technical term) and slid across the road at 25mph.

When the race ended I found Alberto’s bike on the roof of the team car with a note from Local Racer Chris Worden explaining that Alberto was at the hospital. This was followed up by a missed call from New London phone # and a visit by our very own Dr. Christian Verry. Not a great way to finish the day. The info I received was that Alberto hit a traffic cone and crashed. He was carted off to New London Hospital via backboard.

I finally was able to talk to Alberto who sounded like he was in good sprits. Truth be told, he was merely scraped up with a fair amount of road rash. His bones were fine and his Head was fine and thus the title of this Note.

Alberto was fine because he had on one of the finest helmets on the market. The Specialized S-Works Prevail does not feel like it would protect you on impact. It is light and airy but if you saw the impact Alberto’s helmet took you would be confident in the fact that the Prevail is engineered for safety. The helmet cracked in several places on the left side. It did not disintegrate at all, but took the energy fro Alberto’s crash and spread it out over the left side. The bottom line is that the helmet protected a good guy from a bad thing and for this Specialized, the team thanks you. I am very confident that the gear you have us on will keep us stylish, comfortable and safe. People, remember this when you purchase bike gear. Do you want cheap? Or, do you want reputable, well engineered and safe? Take a look at these pics and let me know what you decide.



PS – I would have made Alberto write this but he is busy changing bandages. Get well buddy! 



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