A Matter of Life or Death

A Matter of Life or Death

by 1K2GO-Onion River Sports on Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 12:38am ·

This title is best explained by a story. This is a true story of what happens when you have to live with fear that something you eat, could kill you or leave you violently ill.

Ever walked into a convenient store during a long ride to re-fuel and thought the world is your oyster!?? I have. I rarely drink soda or eat things like candy bars but when I am 4000calories in the red, and I have a green light to eat what I want, I walk the aisles of that convenient store with reckless abandon. This is because I do not have to carefully select what I can eat. I pick for taste and energy…and that’s it.

But imagine doing that same thing with a Nut Allergy. First of all, how do you even prepare for a 5hr ride or a race with out products that might contain nuts? It would be hard. Then, in the middle of the race…what kind of food do you reach for to top off the fuel stores? 99.9% of the products out there ‘may contain traces of nuts’. So here you are, an athlete, and you are already at a disadvantage. Now…what happens if you bonk? When faced with the challenge of quickly re-fueling, what do you choose?

All this stems from a recent race I attended. A Rider was lead to my car by a team member in need of some serious calories. He had cracked hard during 12mile TT and was pretty much cross eyed from the lack of energy. My teammate asked me if I had any METABALLS. I of course had a trunk full and offered it to the bonked rider.

My first thought was…how does one get so bonked on a 12-mile ride? The rider refused my METABALL offering stating that he was allergic to nuts. It all made sense to me then. The rider was bonked most likely due to lack of safe food choices. So, when in doubt, don’t eat. But this is not easy when you ask your body to do heroic things on a bike. I explained to the rider that the product was Nut-Free and designed for people with severe nut allergies. I was not getting through. The rider stared at the METABALL for what seemed like 5 minutes as I explained that it was OK to eat. I could see the fear in his eyes knowing that he NEEDED to eat, but KNOWING that his throat could swell shut if I was lying.

Finally, the rider opened the package and ate the METABALL. I can eat one of these in 2 bites but the rider nibbled on it like corn on the cob. He was waiting for an allergic reaction that never came.

It was right then and there that I was proud to be sponsored by a company that ‘gets’ it. METABALL makes products that work for athletes. They taste great, proved sound nutrition, fuel up your body and are conveniently packaged. That’s for us people who can eat any thing. For the athlete that cannot eat Nuts, Metaballs taste great, provide sound nutrition, fuel up your body and are conveniently packaged. See the difference? There isn’t one and thanks to METABALL, allergic athletes get to enjoy all the same things a non-allergic person does because this product is designed with that in mind.

If you know anyone who has Nut Allergies, please share this with them. 


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