Inspire Physical Therapy PART 2

Inspire Physical Therapy PART 2

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If you are following the series we spoke about building the perfect race car with light parts, fast engines and sometimes…a slipping transmission. Well to keep the analogy alive, Race Cars Crash. Now what? How do you get back in the race without missing valuable time. TIme on the bike is the same. When coaching athletes, the goals is to balance efforts with recovery. With a perfect combination of the two, you see performance gains. As athletes, we all need time off. We have families and we have jobs so we plan our training very specifically. A missed week of workouts can be planned for but what if you are forced off the bike by an injury. Gains stop being made and you have to take a few steps back.

By recruiting the support of a Physical Therapist, injuries can not only be prevented, but they can also be managed. Now, I am no doctor and I do not condone pushing an injured body into more damage but if you can find a way to minimize your down time with out further injury..awesome.

Team Racer and Director Bobby Bailey is a pure race car. He admits that he does not like riding his bike as much as he likes racing it. He can’t quite figure out cruise control and if he enters into a race, he tries to go as hard as possible. THis is not an uncommon mentality amongst elite athletes but sometimes it gets you into trouble. Here is what happened to Bobby.


I actually came into the sport of cycling by way of the dirt. I was a motocrosser who got into Mountain Biking for fitness. Thankfully, somewhere along the line came road racing and I moved over to that full time. I used to be a god bike handler but as I became more and more specialized on the road, my Mountain Bike skills diminished. But, if I enter a race, I can make myself cross-eyed from the effort even though my single track skills are limited.


I race at Catamount the other night on the infamous(to me) YELLOW course. Its more like a trials competition that turns into a bike race. Its all single track so I should have known better. But alas, when the race went off, I tried my best to get to the front. This means hitting and elbowing rider, bike, and terrain. On the last lap I was following fast guy Chris Hamlin when I whacked my shoulder into a tree going pretty fast. The force of big body going forward and little shoulder gong backward made for a slight separation. I finished the race but the pain was coming my way. The next day I woke up sore and bruised.

I am in the middle of a build cycle. My intensity is good and after a successful campaign at a 4 stage race, I am trying to get the most out of my body before resting. Time off for me is not really an option. I am also chasing local glory and I am trying to compete in as many GMBC TT’ as I can. They are great training and I want more records.

I called up Ollie at Inspire Physical Therapy to discuss managing the pain in my shoulder. His first advice was to not pick fights with trees. Nonsense. Since I already made that choice, I just wanted to be able to get into my aero position on my Specialized SHIV and go fast. He suggested Ice and Tape.

Ollie met me at the TT and took a look at my shoulder. OTher than the abrasion on the outside of it, the separation was not that bad. It would be sore for a few days but I was good to go as long as I could get on my bike. He suggested tape to hold the shoulder in place and add stability. With the tape in place, my shoulder took a more natural position and I was able to ride a good time. Ollie taped me up in a way that made my TT position comfortable. I did not PR or set a record but I did damage control and I was able to hit the marks on my very specific training plan.  I am still wearing the tape 24hrs later and the should feels rested and well supported. I am headed out for a ride with little concern thanks to Ollie.


Oliver Hall. He gets it.


Ollie, taping up BB


Ollie and BB


Ouch, yep thats the spot


TT Positions, not comfy with a bum shoulder.



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