How Would Cancellara Prepare for Greenbush?

How Would Cancellara Prepare for Greenbush?

by 1K2GO-Onion River Sports on Thursday, August 2, 2012 at 2:36pm ·

The same way he would prepare for the Olympic TT. Why do you ask? Because a TT is a TT is a TT. It does not matter if the course is set against an Olympic Backdrop in London, or if it set behind a Vermont landscape Ferrisburgh. Preparation of an individual Time Trial is about producing your best effort every time out.

In order to maximize your chance at success you have be prepared. Here are some things that you SHOULD be doing to ensure that your TT’s become PR’s and hopefully W’s (wins).

BIKE – does your bike fit? is your bike aero? Is your bike clean? is your drive train going to shift properly?

Take all this into consideration when you prepare for a TT. The Bike is the variable that you can control the most. Do not let this be the limiting factor in a successful TT.


Fully Prepped, Every Race

HELMET – nothing screams overkill and speed more than a Time Trial Helmet. However, that helmet can shave over 13seconds off a 40K TT. I think this is under estimated. A nice airy summer helmet is great for keeping cool but there is a reason why they are not worn in TT’s.

CLOTHING – here is a big one. I see riders showing up at local TT’s in a wide variety of gear. These are the same riders that HAVE proper TT gear but for some reason choose not to wear it at a practice TT. What if your legs have their best day ever but your jersey is flapping in the wind? Research has proven a savings of UP TO 2 minutes over a 40K distance when comparing  a skin-suit to a jersey/bib combo. The other item that I think makes both a huge aero and mental difference is Shoe Covers. Research has shown that Aero Shoe Covers will shave off 30seconds over the course of a 40K TT. Most local TT’s are in the distance range of 20K so that is a 15second savings, thats a lot!

Team Sponsor CASTELLI makes several items of clothing geared toward shaving off time in a TT. I personally think that theirNANO Show Covers are the best in the biz. They are tight, smooth surfaced and windproof. For a Time Trial, you have to imagine that permeable to air is a bad thing. I’d rather save some time than absorb some air! Plus, most aero shoe covers are fragile. I have been racing with these weekly since April and my Castelli Nano Shoe Covers are still in one piece.


Castelli Nano Shoe Covers

Castelli’s Speed Suits are also part of the puzzle. You have to be comfortable when you TT and this piece of clothing is just that. The cut of the Speed Suit is purpose cut for being on the bike. It’s not the most flattering off the bike but my plan is to fast on the bike, not look good at the club. I’ll keep rocking my skinny jeans for that.

The race itself is the most important part. Since you have already prepared your gear and bike like it is the Tour de France, why not attack the race with gusto? Local Time Trials like theGMBC Series a perfect place to really dissect HOW you race. You can use tools likeTRAININGPEAKS andSTRAVA to break apart segments of your race. If you want to set a record or PR, take a look out how hard you go out. Are you blowing up, or are you pacing too much. By drawing segments and then creating workouts to better those segments, you are going to go faster and find more comfort in going deep on certain sections of a course. We have the luxury of repeating courses several times a year allowing you and your coach to try different things.


Only 4K, but more pain than most 100 mile RR’s

Point is this…do you show up at a practice TT to gab or do you show up to race? Do you put your best effort forward or do you treat like a backyard TT that does not matter. If you treat EVERY Race like your last, you will be a better racer in the end. Use your best gear and do not be afraid of being judged by others. The only people that make fun of people in full gear are the one’s that wish they had the gear. Your TOTAL approach to Time Trialing is what will shave seconds off your time and make you faster.

So here is all the contact information you need for Fabian Cancellara. Invite him to a Local TT. I guarantee he treats it like a Gold Medal is at stake.

Twitter @F_Cancellara

Snail Mail:


RE: GMBC TT Challenge

Forrilbuckstrasse 72.6 Stock

8005 Zurich



Attached is a a chart from an article featured on highlighting several important sources of WATT savings in the wind.







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