Schell Brothers Cycling, Who Are We?
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Schell Brothers Cycling, Who Are We?

Schell Brothers Cycling, Who Are We?

Who is the Schell Brothers Cycling Team?

By now you might have seen us on the road, or maybe not, since it has been a rough start to the spring/summer. We are solar powered, and the weather just has not cooperated. But, if you have seen us, you might notice that we are new kids on the block, wearing fancy new cycling kit and promoting our sponsors along the way. Sure the red and gold of Schell Brothers is easy to spy, but unless you know us, you might not know what we are all about, let us explain!

Schell Brothers Cycling started in late 2021 as a program to bring a new type of cycling to Delaware. Currently, there are clubs, groups, gaggles of riders, and other quasi-organized entities but there is not a visible community that screams, Come Ride in Delaware! We strive to be that. We have organized a core group of riders and sponsors that are intent on catalyzing new energy into our area. We want this community to share in all aspects of cycling, and to draw attention to Lewes, Rehoboth, Milton, and Dewey as great places to ride and train.

If you see us, we are all kitted up and likely going fast. But, it is important that Schell Brothers Cycling is for all types of riders. We are NOT a race team, it is just that our founding fathers are racers. Our community has room for racers, riders, fitness seekers, multi-sport athletes, and indoor enthusiasts. Don’t be intimidated by fast riders, instead use them as sources of knowledge. Racers push the limits of equipment, fitness, and nutrition, and ours are more than willing to share their knowledge with you regardless of what you ride! And, if we don’t know – we have the support of Lewes Cycle Sports to keep you rolling and get you the answers you need!

So you see, a cycling community is one that loves bikes! Pretty simple eh? We bring a professional look, sponsor loyalty, and support to our riders. Nothing elite about it, and we hope you want to join!

So who are the partners that support our program?

Schell Brothers, Dogfish Head, Lewes Cycle Sports, Castelli Cycling Clothing, Boyd Cycling, Untapped Maple, Vittoria Tires

What are the requirements of our riders?

Do you ride? Sweet! 

Are you willing to support our partners? Cool! 

Do want to see safer roads in our area? Us too!

Would you stoked if more events and races came to our area to watch or ride in? Who wouldn’t! 

So How Do I Join?

Easy to do! Follow this link to sign up! Once you do, you will be contacted with more information, deals, etc…We will get you kitted up and plugged in!